Frequently Asked Questions

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Commonly used versions of Windows/Mac are supported. Android Tablets/Smartphones and iPad may also be supported. Headset with mic is required. Webcam is required but its usage is optional. Stable broadband is recommended. Adequate measures are required like UPS with sufficient backup to ensure uninterrupted power during the class unless power supply is 24x7 all days. A backup internet connection is also required if internet quality is not top notch. The required setup barring exceptional cases is as follows:

  1. Computer+headset with mic,
  2. 2 Hr. power backup to computer+modem/router,
  3. A wired internet connection as primary internet connection + A secondary internet connection from different provider (wired or wireless). Wired connection means wired upto the premises. Inside the premises wifi is fine. If wired connection is not available at the place of residence, then two wireless connections from two different providers should be used.

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