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A few results are mentioned here and they do not include large number of frequent visitors of the site and also do not even include most of the account holders of this site whose count as on 2012 end is 19,000+, hundreds of whom have got through JEE. They also do not include the direct students of some of our affiliate accounts who are independent teachers enrolled in ORC course.

Besides IIT JEE, some have done well in other exams as well.

.........I would like to thank you very much for the two years you spent teaching me physics, chemistry and mathematics online with interest and dedication, clarifying all my doubts and motivating me to succeed. ......

G. Raj Magesh (JEE Adv. 2016, AIR 191), Chennai

G. Raj Magesh

As predicted by you based on my advanced marks, I got rank in top 500, that is 332. Sir, I owe a lot to you in achieving this target and securing IIT entry.

G. Kavitha (JEE Advanced AIR 332), 20 June 2015

G. Kavitha

......I thank you for your excellent teaching and guidance in the last 4 years. I wish many more students take advantage of this convenient form of on-line coaching and save valuable time wasted in travelling..... 

Rajat Rao, Bangalore (IIT JEE / JEE Advanced 2014, AIR 488 & BITSAT 362/450),

21 June 2014.

Rajat Rao

Congratulations to - Harsh Pareek for getting silver medal in, "International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) 2007, Iran". Besides getting AIR-8 in IIT-JEE, he has also qualified in Indian National Mathematics Olympiad (INMO) 2007 and Indian National Chemistry Olympiad (INChO) 2007, Advait Alai for qualifying in INPhO 2007 & Ankul Garg for qualifying for INPhO 2007.

Congratulations to Mohamed Hilal from Bergen Academies, New Jersey, USA for scoring 2300 out of 2400 in SAT. Mohamed was enrolled in 4 Year Online Comprehensive Course (Extended) of since class 9th. He has opted to go for University Of Southern California (USC) majoring in Mechanical Engineering. USC was named "College of the Year 2000" by the TIME magazine and is considered as one of the top universities in USA.

......I would like to sincerely thank for the unmatched services it gave me and helped me in increasing my knowledge and academic skills. Saturday, 26 May 2007, 08:57 PM

Ankul Garg (IIT JEE 2007 Qualified, NSEP National top 1% i.e. qualified for Indian National Physics Olympiad INPhO)
Ankul Garg

From: Danish Khan, Bareilly (JEE 2006)

Date: 31-May-2006 10:03

Respected Sir,

...I would like to thank you from the deepest point of my heart for helping me to clear JEE  through your Test Series and Forum.......

Danish Khan

Danish Khan


Umang Letter


From: Paresh MG, Bangalore (Selected for International Olympiad in Informatics, 2006)

Date: 12-Mar-2006 17:49

The support and response is just Top Class.


Paresh MG


Respected Manish Sir,

It is your inspiration and motivation that is responsible for my success (screening). Please give me some valuable tips for successfully cracking iit-jee 2005 (mains) to my email address and in your website.


Thanking you,
Yours' disciple

28/04/2005, 8.35PM


Hi Manish,

The site is really very great and it gives +ve approach for preparation for IIT JEE, the website is really very impressive. This new approach is very impressive, I was too thinking using animations for educational purpose. Is there any way I can contribute to it.


Final Year, B-Tech (EE)
IIT Kanpur

Site is creative, innovative and very good. I will write you after studying all activities.


Dear Sir,

Your test series helped me a lot in my preparation for JEE. Many thanks for your prompt reply to my emails. Your website and test series come highly recommended to IIT aspirants........

Yours, sincerely,
Shruthi Viswanath,

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