Code of Conduct

  • The forum/blog is meant to discuss/post Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics concepts & questions only.
  • There must be no mention of any coaching institute or its course(s) directly or indirectly.
  • The students should not post any personal information like email address in the post.
  • Questions asked in tests should not be put up in forum/blog as different students may take tests at different times and they should not see the question in advance. Questions related to classroom discussions should be asked in the class and are not to be put up here.
  • File uploads can be made by OLRC/ORC/SM/OETS/OTS students only.
  • Abusive/indecent language is not acceptable. Users are expected not to use slang words and should use only formal communicative English. Use of large/bold fonts unnecessarily is not to be done. Respect should be shown to everyone and differences of opinions should be handled gracefully.
  • Forum is meant for collaboration and new threads should not preferably be directed to an individual. People reply in forum based on their convenience and forum is not like email, messaging, classroom or priority support. Repeated posts should also not to be directed to an individual.
  • External links are allowed to authoritative subject oriented Wikipedia articles if necessary and are generally not allowed that are directly/indirecly meant for promotional/advertising/unnecessary purposes.
  • Any picture or text found inappropriate in profile page will be edited/deleted.
  • The forum messages/blog posts violating the norms and any other if found inappropriate will be edited/deleted. Enrolment will be terminated if code of conduct is violated repeatedly.
  • This is a course site and users cannot post anonymously. They must use correct first name and the surname.
  • The code of conduct is subject to change as and when the situation demands. is not responsible for the content posted by users.

Last modified: Sunday, 22 November 2015, 09:12 AM

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