Instructions To Test Takers

You must see to it that you are not taking more than the scheduled time. If time limit is exceeded the score may be reset to zero.

Just like in an examination room a student cannot see the paper first, here also a student cannot see the paper out of curiosity without being graded. This means that when the button to attempt is clicked, even if student closes the browser, server will remember that forever and the grading will be done.

Click on the link on the test to take the test only when you are ready to take the test. The clicks are recorded by the server. The server may allow you 2-5* minutes extra to compensate for internet switching-off and switching-on time and to read the instructions.

The students using scroll mouse need to be careful to ensure that the scrolling does not change the option selected in some type of questions.

Allow pop-ups from . This can be done from browser settings. This site is an educational system and will never show unwanted pop-ups.

To view answers after submission in write-up based questions, just take mouse towards the options area and a small window should pop up showing the correct answer. It case it does not then attempt the same paper again choosing some option to that question and after submission when you take the mouse towards the options area the small window will pop up.

Marking like (x)R-(y)W means there are x marks for the right answer and y negative marks for the wrong answer. For example, 4R-W means there are 4 marks for the right answer and -1 mark for the incorrect answer.

If you are on a dial-up connection, It is not necessary for you to be connected to the internet for full time. You may switch-off the internet connection after making sure that the complete page/test (all questions with figures) has appeared on your monitor screen. Remember that images take a while to appear. After completing the page/test in scheduled time, you may again connect to internet and click on the, "Save my answers" button. "Save my answers" button or any link should only be clicked after connecting to the internet. This way the internet cost can be reduced if you are using dial-up connection.

It is recommended for that you periodically save your answers. There is a button to save without submit.

Answers are provided for all questions. Hints/solutions are provided for selected questions. If you need hint/solution for more questions appeared in the tests use the link mentioned in the main course page. The question posted by you there cannot be seen by any other student. Some tests may contain audio-visual discussions as well which may require moderate internet connection.

*Normally, for topic based tests 2 min. are assigned and for the full length long tests upto 5 min. may be assigned depending upon the design of the test.

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