Online Recorded Classes (ORC) for IIT-JEE. Recordings are done from the virtual classrooms LIVE mostly. Medium of instructions is English. All topics listed below combined add up to 750+ hours of actual classes. 9th & 10th class students looking for NCERT syllabi recordings should visit here. The access is provided on the basis of all subscribed topic(s)/subject(s), "All @ Once".

Access: Follow admission process from here

Eligibility+: For 11th, 12th, 12th pass students or for teachers / aspiring teachers.



Course All topics listed below for any one subject All topics listed below for all subjects Access Upto++
ORC Rs.13,500 Rs.35,000 As Mentioned Below

Topic-Wise (Per Topic):

Code (O) Code (P) Code (Q) Code (R) Code (S) Code (T)
Rs.300 Rs.500 Rs.750 Rs.1,000 Rs.1,250 Rs.1,500

for access till May 30, 2019 for those enrolling during academic year 2018-2019 and till May 30, 2020 for those enrolling during academic year 2019-2020. Each bulleted point mentioned in the table below is a topic, code is not a topic.

Requirements: A moderate speed internet connection. Windows XP/Vista/7/10 are supported. Speaker/headphone is required.

Other Requirements: The student must be proficient enough to handle computer related issues and follow the instructions to install software etc. This is a self study course for which support is not included except for 1 live troubleshooting session on a remote troubleshooting software like TeamViewer for software related help if needed.

You can request for 1 file + software by email before admission and see if you are able to install the software and run the file.

Mode of Access: Access is provided from the website by providing username & password. Almost all (> 99%) the recordings of the classes can be downloaded to the computer and saved to the disk.

Topics Available:

Physics Chemistry Mathematics
  • Units & Dimensions (O)
  • Mathematical Physics (P)
  • Kinematics (R)
  • Forces & Newton's Laws of Motion (R)
  • Friction (P)
  • Circular Motion (P)
  • Work & Energy (Q)
  • Momentum (S)
  • Rotation (T)
  • Gravitation (P)
  • SHM (P)
  • Fluid Mechanics (P)
  • Elasticity, Surface Tension, Viscosity (P)
  • Wave Motion (P)
  • Sound Waves (Q)
  • Calorimetry & Thermal Expansion (P)
  • Thermodynamics First law (P)
  • Specific Heat Capacities (P)
  • Heat Transfer (P)
  • Electric Field & Potential (R)
  • Gauss Law (Q)
  • Capacitance (S)
  • Current Electricity (T)
  • Magnetic Force (R)
  • Magnetic Field (Q)
  • Electromagnetic Induction (S)
  • AC Circuits (O)
  • Ray Optics (Q)
  • Wave Optics (P)
  • Atomic Physics (P)
  • Photoelectric Effect (P)
  • Nuclear Physics (P)
  • X-Ray (P)
  • Atomic Structure (Q)
  • Moles & Equivalents Stoichiometry (Q)
  • Gaseous State (Q)
  • Thermodynamics (Including Thermochemistry) (Q)
  • Oxidation & Reduction Reactions (P)
  • Periodic Table & Periodicity In Properties (O)
  • Chemical Bonding (R)
  • Chemical Equilibrium (Q)
  • Ionic Equilibrium (R)
  • Chemical Kinetics (Q)
  • Nuclear Chemistry (Q)
  • Electrochemistry (Voltaic Cell, Electrolysis, Electrolytic Conductance) (R)
  • Solutions (Q)
  • Solid State (Q)
  • Surface Chemistry (O)
  • Organic Nomenclature (Q)
  • Alkanes (P)
  • Alkenes (R)
  • Alkynes (P)
  • Benzene (O)
  • Alkyl Halides (R)
  • Alcohols (Q)
  • Aldehydes & Ketones (R)
  • Carboxylic Acids & Derivatives (Q)
  • Amines (P)
  • Aryl Halide & Phenol (P)
  • Amino Acids & Peptides (O)
  • Carbohydrates (O)
  • Polymers (O)
  • Co-ordination Compounds (O)
  • Trigonometric Functions (R)
  • Trigonometric Equations (Q)
  • Triangles (Q)
  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions (P)
  • Logarithm (O)
  • Quadratic Expressions, Equations & Inequations (Q)
  • Progressions (S)
  • Complex Numbers (P)
  • Permutations & Combinations (S)
  • Binomial Theorem (R)
  • Probability (P)
  • Matrices (P)
  • Determinants (P)
  • Points (P)
  • Straight Lines (P)
  • Circles (P)
  • Parabola (P)
  • Ellipse (P)
  • Hyperbola (P)
  • Functions# (S)
  • Limit & Continuity (R)
  • Differentiation & Differentiability (Q)
  • Monotonicity & Maxima/Minima (Q)
  • Tangents & Normals, Rolle's & Lagrange's Theorems (P)
  • Indefinite Integration (S)
  • Definite Integration (R)
  • Area Under Curve# (Q)
  • Differential Equations (Q)
  • Vectors (P)
  • 3-D Geometry (P)


*Subject to change at any time.
++ Access can be extended if needed, the fee for that can be requested later.
#Graphing/curve tracing is included in the topic on, "Functions".
+Some exceptional 9th, 10th class students who believe that they can cope up may also apply. For NCERT syllabus recordings, visit here.

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