OLRC Flipped - Monthly

This course is ideal to those who wish to try for some time before making long-term committment.

The student will get access to Ongoing Online LIVE Review classes from the date of account activation & to Online Recorded Classes from ORC course for the ongoing topic.

Access: Follow admission process from here


11th portion only or 12th portion only (all subjects combined): Rs.3,750 per month
11th portion + 12th portion (all subjects combined): Rs.5,625 per month
11th portion only or 12th portion only (per subject): Rs.1,500 per month
11th portion + 12th portion (per subject): Rs.2,250 per month

Foundation IX | X

Only 9th or only 10th: Rs.3,600 per month
Both 9th+10th in the same academic year: Rs.5,400 per month

Note: The student will have the option to upgrade to other OLRC courses. The system requirements, eligibility & class schedule are the same as of other OLRC courses.

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