IITJEE Online Extensive Test Series

  • Suitable for IIT-JEE and other entrance exams self-practice.
  • The details below are meant primarily for IIT-JEE. Some specific information about Foundation IIT (10th/9th) test series is provided here & here.
  • You get to know where you stand as mentioned here .
  • Powered by world class Virtual Learning Environment.
  • The system is 100% browser based, requiring no software installation. Besides convenience, this also implies that tests can be taken via many mobile smartphones.
  • No need to spend time in travelling just to give tests, this travel time can be better utilised in preparation.
  • The only online testing system capable of doing all types of complex grading automatically according to the IIT-JEE new pattern.
  • Not just a testing system but a system to learn and improve. Previous attempts are stored and students are allowed to review them later whenever they want to.
  • Immediate result.
  • Innovative grading and question types designed to test comprehension, reasoning & analytical abilities included (including JEE new pattern questions and marking). Innovative type questions include optionless questions, options-based marking (as mentioned above), logical arrangement etc.
  • Built-in countdown timer.
  • Built-in feedback system.
  • Built-in performance monitoring system.
  • Tests activated earlier are available to new joiners.
  • No need to remain online for the full duration of the test.
  • Flexibility of taking test at any time after activation.
  • Large number of tests in total including topic-wise and full-syllabus tests. There are a total of 52 tests (43 topic-wise and 9 full-syllabus) at this point of time.

The fee details are provided here & here. Mock test can be taken from here (username: demo, password: demo). Number and pattern of tests is subject to change at any point of time.
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