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We provide services in the following three areas:

  • For Students, various professional online courses like OLRC, ORC, SM, OETS, OTS and forums are provided. The courses are designed for IIT preparation along with school preparation.
  • For Individual Teachers, you can start your online courses immediately without bothering about software. For advanced usage, we can maintain your software entirely. Teacher training is also available in Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry via ORC for teachers. Please contact for more on this.
  • For Schools, Colleges and Coaching Classes, live classes can be delivered right at your premises. Software Services can alse be provided in which we can install and maintain the online learning platform and your servers. Please contact for more on these.


Education can be delivered more effectively by preserving the actual class that took place (students can go through the point not understood repeatedly), without the need to spend a lot of time in travelling and by quick updates. It is also possible to make the education available round the clock. The founder, Mr. Manish Verma - an IIT Madras alumnus - has 15+ years of experience in technical, managerial & educational (more than 10,000 classes online/offline, more than 100 GB of live recordings creation equivalent to several DVDs, traditional teaching, learning management system, years of research on virtual classroom technologies, writing) fields. He has worked in almost all parts of the country, has been abroad and is currently operating from Bhopal. The unique features of 123IITJEE lie in the following:-

  • LIVE classes conducted via internet using world class virtual classrooms that are tried and tested in Indian and worldwide conditions.
  • Recordings of live classes accessible round the clock.
  • Online courses using world-class technology.
  • Study material eBooklets.
  • Updates are possible to distribute quickly.
  • Crack the Problem section providing stimulating problems.
  • Professional forums that support mathematical typing.
  • Blogs.

To work towards providing world class education and to involve in continuous research.

Work Policy

Hard work, professionalism, high quality, striving for perfection.


Fusion of Science & Consciousness.

Message from Manish Verma (B.Tech. Electrical & Electronics Engg., IIT Madras)

Photograph of Manish VermaDear Student,

If you are here, you must be thinking about your career. It is important that you believe in yourself and in your dreams. I have gone through this phase and now am full time dedicated to education and research. It has been my perspective to look at seemingly different subjects as one entity, i.e. to find synergy in things. My area of keen interest/research is in line with above and is, "Theory of Everything".

The IIT JEE is about ability to think in new situations, ability to do applications requiring comprehension, reasoning, analytical abilities and the attitude of not giving up easily etc. What is required to get into IIT by and large is hard-work, planned preparation, intelligence and intention. 123IITJEE offers you LIVE Classes, Recorded Classes, Study Material, Test Series and all the necessary information for IIT-JEE. I wish you the very best towards achieving your dreams.

"Go for your dreams!"

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